About us

First of all thank you very much for visiting our website. We would like you to be part of our community.

Scope of this page.

Our gole is to connect employment agencies (with their clients- workers) and good employers.

For manpower agencies

This site offers you possibilities to present your clients working skills. Employers from Europe Union visit our site every day in search for new working power.Just to remind you that Europe needs more than 5 million skill workers and this need will grow everyday. This is the easiest and fastest way to convince employers that your client- worker is the right person for the job and their future employee. Lot of employers do not like to be contact via mail, WhatsApp, Viber or by phone. Also, lot of them do not have special departments for recruitment. But, they need workers. Make it easier for them and post videos with your client – worker working skills on this site.

Good news!!!! First month IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!!!

Register your Agency here and we send you link for uploading your workers data.

You send us (for each client profile):

  • Up to 300 words: Your CV, About you, Letter of Motivation, ect
  • Up to 3 pictures (1 Featured image + 2 images in post- up to 1 MB each)
  • 1 Video (or more , all up to 20 MB)
  • Your contact – so that interested employers can directly contact you

From all this we make post and public on our website. First month it is absolutely FREE.

You want to protect some parts of your profile? For example, you do not want to show publicly video with your client skills presentations?

No problem. You just let us now which part of post you do not want to show and we will make this part password protected and send you password. When someone contact you and ask you for password because want to see hidden content, it is up to you to decide to send or not.

OK for you? You want to register and start making profile for your clients – workers?

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You have some more questions?

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For employers

Site showmehowyouwork.com give you possibilities to an easy and fast overview of the manpower for your company. We strongly believe in our slogan VIDEO IS WORTH A THOUSAND PICTURES. We are sure that large number of employers can judge from videos how skill is a candidate. This is impossible from the CVs, biographies and certificates. Everybody has today camera on his phone and can make a video. Let’s use it.

Besides working skills from video you can see language skills and personality of a candidates. This way you save lot of time and energy then handling candidates one by one.

If you decide for certain candidates you can contact them (or manpower agency) directly and this is for you free of any charge. For any other cooperation please contact us. We would also like to have you as a partner in our program.

How to use this site

On the front page are featured ads but main menu on the top of the page is place where you can see all candidates sorted by categories. Below every candidate video is his/her contact.