How to make a profile?

How to make a profile?

It is very easy.

You send us:

  • Up to 300 words: Your CV, About you, Letter of Motivation, ect
  • Up to 3 pictures (1 Featured image + 2 images in post- up to 1 MB each)
  • Up to 2 Videos (up to 25 MB each)
  • Your contact – so that interested employers can directly contact you

From all this we make post and public on our website.

You want to protect some parts of your profile? For example, you do not want to show publicly video with your client skills presentations?

No problem. You just let us now which part of post you do not want to show and we will make this part password protected and send you password. When someone contact you and ask you for password because want to see hidden content, it is up to you to decide to send or not

You have some more questions?

Contact us